Daniel Lentz


Daniel Lentz & Family

Daniel grew up in Temple, TX and has recently come home to Austin after spending 15 years living in various parts of the North East USA. He and his wife, Marina, have been married nearly 20 years, and he is the proud Dad of three kids: Julia, Jackson, and Evelyn. The Lentz family made the Well their church home in 2017, and they have been leading the Eastside Community Group for most of the time since.

Daniel has a passion for authenticity and loves seeing relationships built and flourish between normal, broken people that are united by their love for Jesus Christ. He also has a huge heart for marriage, and he and Marina also serve as pre-marital counselors at the Well. He’s also a proud, unapologetic nerd that loves world history, politics, role-playing games, and all things finance. He holds business and real estate degrees from UT Austin and Cornell.

Email: daniel@thewellaustin.com