The Well Austin Residency Program is a two-year educational and ministry leadership program designed for men and women who desire to explore vocational ministry in a local church setting, discover and hone their spiritual gifts, develop practical ministry skills, and learn the fundamentals of biblical theology. We are especially passionate about raising up, developing, and making space for those who are often overlooked, such as minorities and women. Whether you feel called into ministry and want to explore that further or you're simply wanting to grow spiritually, we'd think our Residency Program would be a great opportunity for you!

Dallas Theological Seminary

The purpose of the Residency Program is to accelerate the process of developing the character, ministry skills, doctrinal knowledge, and vision necessary for a lifetime of ministry and faith. The Residency Program functions in a cohort-style learning environment for the two-year program and consists of about 10 program participants in each cohort. Typically, participants are recent college graduates who are wanting to be developed and equipped for the work of vocational ministry. However, we encourage applicants from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, educational levels, giftings, and passions.

When applying, applicants should choose "TX" and then "The Well Austin" from the drop-down menu. All applications are received and reviewed by Reliant.


The hope with participation in the Residency Program is that those desiring to explore vocational ministry will get the chance to do so within a local church setting as they hone their spiritual gifts, develop practical ministry skills, and learn the fundamentals of biblical theology.

As Residents take seminary-level courses they will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Word throughout their two years. By participation in Spiritual Formation Groups throughout the program, Residents will continue to grow in their walk with Christ and be formed for a lifetime of serving Him. 

Upon completion of the Residency Program, Residents will have a better understanding of how God has specifically gifted them for the work of ministry and have a clearer vision for where they are going long-term.

  • Missions

  • Worship

  • Student Ministry

  • College Ministry


Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) will be one of the options for providing Residents with Biblical and Theological training during the Well Residency Program. During two years of The Well Residency Program, a Resident will also have the opportunity to take live DTS classes on-site in Austin. Courses will rotate by semester and Residents will be encouraged to pursue a Masters's degree from DTS during their Residency although this is not a requirement to be a part of the program.


Reliant is an evangelical Christian mission agency that is a trusted partner with hundreds of missional churches and Gospel-centered non-profits. Reliant partners with missional churches, like The Well, to mobilize support-based missionaries for the great commission.

We partner with Reliant because they specialize in equipping and sending church-based missionaries like our Residents. This partnership allows The Well to focus on ministry and Reliant to serve the Residents in aspects of employment and support team development. Residents are employed by Reliant and then assigned to The Well.


Residents' day-to-day experiences are dependent on what ministry area they are serving in. If accepted, Residents will be under a Ministry Manager who will provide them with specific duties and often will also oversee their spiritual and professional development.

This is a sample weekly schedule for reference (37-46 hrs):

  • Specific Ministry Area: 20-25 hrs

  • Spiritual Formation: 5-7 hrs

  • Character Development: 2 hrs

  • Theological Development: 5-7 hrs

  • Professional Development: 2.5 hrs

  • Administration & Support Raising: 2.5 hrs

  • Participate in all required classes/seminars/educational tracks

  • Weekly Check-ins and Quarterly Reviews with Ministry Manager

  • Attend Staff Team Meetings

  • Participate in a Discipleship Making Intensive

  • Attend a Community Group

  • Serve at and attend Sunday Gatherings

  • Corporate prayer and fasting

  • One Short-Term Mission Trip

  • Other assignments may include Bible reading, scripture memory, book reading, videos, writing assignments as determined by the Ministry Manager


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