Residency Program


An onramp residency program for those thinking of entering into full-time ministry, with a particular focus on growing ethnic minorities and women in ministry.

Sending You Well-off
For Vocational Ministry

When it comes to the main focuses that we see necessary for a solid residency program, there are three key areas we believe encompass a wide range of development.



Gain clarity from our 1-2 year residency if full-time ministry is God's calling for you.


Theological Development

Spiritual and theological development to enrich you. 



Get ministry experience and skills from our staff to prepare you for the future.

At the end of the program, we want our residents to walk away with more experience in ministry, a deeper understanding of the Word and Biblical theology, and further growth in their character and Christ-like qualities. As a sending church, reproducing and developing others is at the core of our convictions, and equipping and training residents is an incredible way to do this.

What It'll Actually
Look Like

  • Specific Ministry Area (25-30 hrs)
  • Vocational Discernment and/or Spiritual and Theological Development
    Curriculum (5 hrs)
  • Optional Seminary Credit Hours (5 hrs)