Nico Galuban

Marketing Director


Nico is a proud first-generation Brazilian immigrant who lived in Canada for 13 years, and has now lived in Austin since 2012. A transfer student to The University of Texas at Austin is where Nico heard the Gospel for the first time—while attending a college-led CG that his (now) wife, Leah was leading at the time. Nico and Leah have been married since 2015 and have a beautiful daughter, Ayánah. Nico brings a wealth of experience in brand management and marketing for organizations both as a consultant and in-house teams as well.

He's worked with The University of Texas, UC Berkeley, SXSW, Live Nation, among others. Nico sees it as a personal mission to advocate for more representation of people of color and minorities in church leadership and in creative circles. His hope is to see a more diverse set of thinking across cultural backgrounds to reflect God's family on earth as it is in heaven.

Outside of ministry, Nico is reading books from business strategy to music theory, bingeing TV shows, trying to hit on SNKRS, sending memes to friends, and being around his beautiful wife and daughter, Leah and Ayánah.