In May of 2009, our Lead Pastor, Tory, and his wife, Natalie, moved to Austin to work at Hill Country Bible Church (HCBC). While there they both felt like the Lord was moving them to pray about starting a new church and not too long after, the pastor and elders at HCBC asked them if they'd be interested in being sent out as one of their church plants. Both Tory and Natalie jumped at the chance and felt like it was confirmation from God. They began a year-long church planting residency, in which they were trained, equipped, and began gathering a core team of people to help them with the plant. They felt like the Lord was leading them to be in the city (downtown), where the need for a church was the largest, and the community most diverse.

Launching Team

In January of 2012, they began to meet with a core team of 11 people in a “house church” type of setting. By August of 2012, their team of 11 grew to 24. So, in September of 2012, they officially launched as a public church and began to build from there. They gathered in the evenings for our first year at the Bacon Center. God was good to us during this time and we built a deep sense of family.

The Well

Since then, we've seen our Community Groups grow to become the backbone of our church family -- one of the greatest things that makes us who we are. We've been able to send out multiple church planters and missionaries both domestically and internationally. We've been used by God to meet people's needs during the COVID pandemic, baptize new believers, increasingly grow as a diverse community that foreshadows our true home, and serve the city of Austin as we push back darkness in the world around us.

Celebration Sunday

As we continue to grow as a family, we want to maintain our culture of intimacy and connectivity. No matter the size, we want to stay deeply connected as a family! We also long to multiply. The vision of seeing hundreds of churches fuels us because we know this means thousands of disciples. We want to see Jesus known and exalted, in our hearts personally, and in the world around us. We pray that this would forever be the case for you as you help write the story of the Church. We fully believe God orchestrates everyone who is a part of the Church and can create a beautiful family through you. Come and join in on what God is doing in and through us at The Well.


Our name “The Well” comes from a story in John 4 where Jesus met a woman at a well. The woman was a broken woman, full of past mistakes and current failures. Yet Jesus told her she could be free from guilt, bondage, and fear, and live a full, rich, true life; all she had to do was drink deeply. Jesus is “the well” she needed to drink from! The way to drink deeply is by following, loving, serving, and knowing Him, the living water.

We are the same type of people as that woman—broken, with past failures and current mistakes—but we desire to drink deeply from Jesus. We invite you into this journey with us. Jesus is living water. With Him, we can thirst no more.