Roy Mong

College Coordinator

Roy Mong & Family

Roy is a 2nd-generation Chinese American born and raised in Plano, Texas after his parents immigrated from Taiwan. He began his journey of following Jesus towards the end of high school and into college at the University of Texas at Austin (hookem!). He started out as a Biology/Pre-Med major, finished with a degree in Kinesiology, and naturally went into full-time ministry afterwards. During this time, he met his wife Ashley at the church they attended in Dallas, Texas. They married in October 2016 and are parents to two sweet girls, Eliza and Eleanor.

Roy is passionate about walking with wounded and weary souls, advocating for justice for the marginalized, and pursuing the loving and liberating person of Jesus Christ through an embodied faith. When he's not working, you can typically find him sipping on some good coffee, reading, watching sports, or exploring Austin with his family!