Recovery at The Well


Feb. 15 to May 30
Thursday's • 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm

Being well-known by others—in a deep and loving community—changes everything.

Whether you are stuck in your own broken behaviors, the broken behaviors done to you, or the effects of a broken world, Recovery at The Well is a program that walks through 12 Steps into a 16-week process that brings true healing found in Jesus.


Every Thursday, participants will be apart of a group session, then debrief their week into smaller group cohorts. Additionally, outside of Thursday night's, participants have a mentor (a trusted friend of their choosing) who can hold them accountable throughout the program.


We have printed material for each mentor to use during your weekly meetings with them, and participants will also be given their own recovery curriculum that includes daily devotionals and scriptures to meditate on for each session.

Where We'll Meet

The Curriculum

Steps to Gospel Recovery shows you how to experience hope and healing amidst sin and suffering. Our curriculum walks through 12 Steps broken into a 16-week process.

Each of these Steps teaches you how to experience a right relationship with God, yourself, others, and the world, and helps you deal with your sin and suffering.
You will be given a booklet which gives you daily Scripture and reflection questions through the 16-week process.

Each participant in Recovery at the Well will be asked to find a mentor. A mentor is someone who's been in your life that you trust to tell you the truth. In traditional recovery programs, they might use the term sponsor. You will want someone who will be honest with you and hold you accountable. This is your recovery, so pick a strong candidate.

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