E.F.A.P. Scripture reading TOOL

We believe that studying the bible is essential to growth, maturity, and spiritual effectiveness in the life of a believer. The acronym E.F.A.P. helps us to read scripture in light of the Gospel and through the lens of Christ. When reading, is there something that reminds you of the person or work of Jesus and is an example to follow? Are there find roles, relationships, or characteristics ruined by sin that display Jesus as the true and better, fulfilling every promise and command? Do you see ways in which Christ traded places with us taking the punishment to atone for sin even though He did no wrong? How do you see Christ giving us his power as he invites us to partner with Him in ministry? Join us as we show you how to find Jesus as our Example, Fulfillment, Atonement, and Power throughout all of scripture.  

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