Ephesians 3:20 tells us that God can do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think. If everyone reading this gave a one-time gift of $320, $640, or $960 by the end of this year, God will do incredible things through our church.


Your generous gifts will help us reach more of Austin with the gospel, plant churches, bless Eastside High School, and develop more minority leaders. We are built on the small sacrifices of many, not the resources of a few. As you prayerfully seek the Lord in prayer regarding giving an end of year gift, consider our discipleship framework as it comes to giving.

Generous Worship

We believe that true, biblical generosity is worship (2 Co. 9:11). Though it's easy to only worship God in part, or more with certain portions of our being, we seek to love and worship God with all of our heart, our soul, our mind, and our strength (Mark 12:30).

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Giving From Your Heart

Joyful Giver

You give from my heart; your emotions are involved in you giving. You love the feeling of giving and getting to be a part of the mission of God. It brings you joy to know you get to be a part of this.

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Giving From Your Soul

Sacrificial Giver

I give from a deep conviction inside, by faith, when I consider how Jesus paid it all, so I owe everything to Him. I want to give above and beyond so that I can make as much of an impact in the Kingdom as possible.

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Giving From Your Mind

Thoughtful Giver

You give with intention and purpose in mind. You give regularly and thoughtfully, knowing this is something God has called you to do. You want to be a good steward of my finances, which means being fully aware of your spending, your giving, and your saving.

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Giving From Your Strength

Obedient Giver

You give from a willingness to obey what the Scriptures call me to do with my finances. You know the Bible talks about tithing as a general baseline, so you're going to follow God's commands and give as a discipline and an act of obedience as best as you are able.



We believe that the local church is God's means of redeeming the world to Himself. We want to see more of Austin reached with the gospel and come to love our Christ and King with us. Our biggest need is to have extra funds to be able to reach the lost through various ministries, and increase the communities awareness of our church in this city. We will use these funds to specifically try to reach the lost, in hopes that they would come into a loving relationship with the God of the universe.

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We believe that the local church is God's means of redeeming the world. The best way to reach the world is by planting churches. Our desire to plant 100 churches nationally and 100 churches internationally in the first 50 years of our existence is a big goal that only a big God can make possible. We want to use additional funds to help accelerate this vision and send out even more church planters!



Eastside High School through Serve Austin

God's whole plan from the start has been to redeem the whole world to Himself (Gen. 3:15). We want to bless Austin so much that if our church were to disappear, we would be greatly missed because of the impact we have on this city. We hope to use funds to not only increase the level of our impact but also the width of our impact by empowering our CGs to serve more in their communities!





One of our greatest desires as a church is to train, develop, empower, and launch the next generation of leaders. We realize that we have the unique opportunity to do what many other churches struggle to do—develop minority leaders. We plan to use these funds to help support minorities who are growing in their faith and ministry skills and are interested in missions, vocational ministry, our residency program, etc.


Listen to Tory’s Sermon on the Christian View of Generosity

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What might God be calling you to give? Help us see more come to faith in Jesus through your generosity.